Great and Mighty Plans

I am convinced that the best days of Deaf ministry are NOW; the greatest impact in the Deaf Harvest Field is NOW.   NOW is the time to make a difference.  All of our yesterdays have been “spent”.  Our tomorrows are not yet in our “time bank”. God has a plan for our lives and that plan is to use our gifts and talents in the Kingdom of God NOW.

God uses people to make a difference!

God’s plans are great and mighty plans for the Deaf Harvest Field.

God’s plans for you are great and mighty plans and I want to encourage you with this verse found in Jeremiah 33:3.  The Lord says,  “Come to Me and I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know.”

In the midst of our busy lives, perhaps troubled lives, even burdened lives let us pray.  Let us take time to talk with Jesus.  Let us take the time to listen to Jesus for He has plans to show us great and mighty things–as He uses our gifts and talents to make a difference NOW.

Jesus is speaking to your heart, “Come to Me”, spend time with Jesus today.

God made us to have a relationship with Him so that we can make a difference in the world!

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