Eugene and Linda Gehm


FB_IMG_1437877470361The Gehms, both Deaf, first became missionaries to Mexico in 1989. Eugene and Linda started three Deaf churches and five Deaf departments in hearing churches.


Mexico is a poor country. Many Deaf have not attended school, especially the Deaf who live in smaller towns. Also, due to isolation and a lack of socialization among others who know Mexican Sign Language (MSL), the Deaf in small towns are limited in MSL. Eugene and Linda have taught the Deaf how to become more fluent in MSL as well as how to read and write Spanish. 

This has opened the door for the Gehms to share Jesus, and entire families have been impacted with the Gospel. 


Prayer requests:

  • God give wisdom to the leaders in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, and Jojutla.
  • Deaf Christians grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.
  • More Deaf accept Jesus as their Savior.



MEXICO. Click on map to enlarge in a new window.