Message from Gary

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Message from Gary

by Gary Barrett ~


GRACE! This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately.


Of course, I probably don’t have to ask you if you know the song “Amazing Grace”, because the chances are you know this song very well. It was John Newton who penned this powerful song in 1779. Since then, 238 years ago, “Amazing Grace” has been interpreted into hundreds of languages and sung around the world. It is one of the most favorite and well known GaryatDeskhymns of the Church.


I love this song, but even more than the song, I love the story that inspired the song. Recently, I was reading again the story about John Newton and how he came to know Jesus as His Lord and Savior.  It’s truly an AMAZING and inspiring story.


John Newton was a ship slave master who shipped slaves from Africa and sold them to people in various countries.  He was known as a brutal, vicious, vile person who cursed so badly that he became known as “The Great Blasphemer”.


I won’t go into the details of his story; however, one thing that I did not know until recently is that John Newton’s mother had been praying for him for years to become a minister. Who in their right mind would ever imagine such a person like John Newton becoming a Christian, let alone becoming a minister? It didn’t happen overnight; but eventually, John Newton had a life threatening encounter, while on his ship which brought him close to death…and as a result of this encounter it brought him close to God. Shortly after his close encounter with death, he began to study God’s Word and eventually became a Christian. Later he became a well known minister in London. 


amazinggrace1Today, he is known all over the world for writing this powerful song “Amazing Grace”.  John Newton also played an influential role in helping to abolish slavery in Britain.


“In the New Testament, ‘grace’ (156 times) takes on a special redemptive sense in which God makes available his favor on behalf of sinners, who actually do not deserve it” (copied from Christian Courier).


If anyone did not deserve the grace of God it surely would have been John Newton.  However, looking back at my own life, I could say the same for me as well.  My brother-in-law (Rhonda’s brother), who is a minister, told me after I became a Christian that, although he did pray for my salvation, he put me on the bottom of his list and explained that in his mind—I was the least likely person to be saved.  I was not known to be a very nice person before I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  There’s a lot I could say about that—but I will spare you the details.


I’m certainly not proud of who I was before I came to know Jesus…which is why I’m so thankful for those who prayed for me, even when these people had great doubts that I would ever be saved.  I’m even more grateful that God would look down upon me (while I was still a sinner) and draw me into a relationship with Him.


The fact that He would even want to have a relationship with me is BEYOND AMAZING! That’s what I call grace!

Grace is something that we receive from God that we don’t deserve. I know I certainly did not deserve His grace—especially considering the sinful life I was living at the time. And that is one of the amazing things about our heavenly Father–no matter who we are, or how awful of a person we are (or were), God desires everyone to know Him in a personal way. That’s why He sent His one and only Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for you and me (John 3:16). That is what I call–amazing grace–and that’s why I am so fond of this song and love to sing it often.


Also that is why I am compelled to share with others the grace that I have been so freely given. I thank God for this ministry that allows us share God’s amazing grace with millions of Deaf people who are lost and living in darkness…people who are needing to be set free…just as John Newton was set free from his sinful life.


It’s an amazing experience (a miracle) to see a person who was living a life of sin, surrender their life to our Savior. Jesus came to give His life so that ALL who call upon His name might be saved, That is why we continue to do what we’ve been doing at Deaf Ministries Worldwide for 28 years now.


God has touched the hearts of thousands of people through the years who share our love and burden for Deaf people and they have partnered with us, through their prayers and financial support, making it possible for us to continue to share His amazing grace.


Would you prayerfully seek God about partnering with us? Help us share His light and truth to Deaf people everywhere. It’s easy to make a secure online donation. Click the GIVE NOW button.














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