Today the Savior Calls

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Today the Savior Calls

by Diane Musil ~

D.L. Moody, the Evangelist* – “The Power of the GOOD OLD GOSPEL” (Third message in series of three messages)

The 19th century evangelist, D.L. Moody (1837-1899) founded Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1886. As a zealous preacher, he shared the Gospel to more than 100 million people during his lifetime in the two continents of Europe and America. His message brought large crowds to repentance. DLMoody

“It was an amazing anointing of the Holy Spirit on Moody’s face that made God’s love shine, convicting so many, many people.”

Moody taught Sunday school lessons to the children in poverty struck areas, teaching on outside benches, because he saw the need. 

Moody worked for a short time as a shoemaker for his uncle. He became friends with a young lady, Emma, who later became his wife. He was hesitant to tell her that he knew that a life committed to serving God’s call might mean a life of uncertain financial income. But God always provided for him and his family. He had many days of weakness, struggle and failure as well as days of strength and victory. He pressed on, sent by the power and call of God to preach the Good Old Gospel to all who would listen.        


The Great Chicago Fire began on a Sunday evening, October 8, 1871. The fire brought terrible devastation to four square miles of buildings and property, all of which were burned to the ground. It was amazing that the Water Tower remained. Moody was preaching when a loud siren blared out for all to hear, warning that great danger had struck. 

Three hundred people died and one hundred million people were left homeless.  There was $222,000,000 ($222 million) worth of property damage. D.L. Moody lost his whole church building, the Illinois Street Church. Moody was holding a meeting in Farwell Hall when the people began to notice something was wrong. As the people were singing the closing hymn, TODAY THE SAVIOR CALLS, Moody reacted to the panic of the fire and dismissed the meeting. The fire raged on and everything became like a war zone. People were desperately searching for their loved ones. The city looked so bare where there would normally be people rushing around and the click, click of the horses hoofs became suddenly silent. The city seemed dead.

Many people sent offerings to Moody to help him rebuild a new Illinois Street Church and Farwell Hall. This new Church became a place where people who had become homeless after the fire could stay for rest or to get good food and clothing to help in their time of need. 

D.L. Moody looked back on his life with this great regret. The night of the fire during the closing hymn, TODAY THE SAVIOR CALLS, he realized with a sick feeling inside his soul that he had not given an invitation for Salvation that night. That was Moody’s biggest regret; so many, many people lost their lives that night, and he failed to give an altar call.  Moody promised himself, “Never again will we close a service without giving an altar call for lost souls.”   

Hour-GlassWHAT ABOUT YOU? ARE YOU READY TO MEET GOD IF A SUDDEN DISASTER HIT? Today we are living in very troubling times. Disaster after disaster is hitting the world. Terrorists, persecution, lawlessness; what is wrong is being called right and what is right is being called wrong. WHAT IF YOU DIED IN YOUR SLEEP WITHOUT WARNING?  Moody himself would ask you the same question–with sincere urgency.  ARE YOU READY TO MEET GOD?

Jesus calls each of us to repent and receive His forgiveness. If you have not received this GREAT SALVATION, then tell Him now . . . tell Jesus now, “I need you Jesus to come into my heart and be my Savior and Lord.”


SONG: “Today the Savior Calls”, Words: Samuel Francis Smith (1808-1895); Music: Lowell Mason (1792-1872)

Today the Savior calls:

All of you wandering souls, come;

O you darkened souls,

Why longer roam?


Today the Savior calls:

O listen now! 

Inside this sacred place

bow to Jesus.


Today the Savior calls:

For refuge (safety) fly;

The storm of justice (judgement) falls,

and death is nigh (so close).


The Spirit calls today;

Yield (surrender) to His power;

O do not grieve Him (by rejecting His call).

It is mercy’s hour (time now).


* Permission granted to use material from A Passion for Souls and from D. L. Moody—A Life: Innovator, Evangelist, World-Changer, Moody Publishers.


Gary Barrett shares about the Author:


Diane Musil is a prayer warrior and an awesome woman of God. Diane is Deaf and legally blind.  For over 25 years Diane has been an incredible blessing to Rhonda and me personally and also to this ministry!







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