I’m amazed at God’s answers to prayer

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I’m amazed at God’s answers to prayer

I thank God for my Auntie Bootie.  God miraculously saved her out of a life of alcohol and prostitution (she was like the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well, John Chapter 4). My Mom told me stories about Auntie Bootie and the new person she became through Jesus Christ. I met my Auntie Bootie a few times when I was a teenager. She lived alone in a small old house. She did not have much in the way of this world’s things, but she loved Jesus with all her heart, served people with all her gifts and talents, and lived for Jesus everyday of her saved life.

I remember Mom telling me this story:  When my brother Bobby (name I call him, others call him Bob) was a baby, Auntie Bootie held him in her arms and prayed for Bobby.  She prayed that God would call Bobby into full-time ministry.

Auntie Bootie has been in Heaven for many, many years; and yet it is obvious that she prayed-not only for my brother Bobby-but for the whole family.  She prayed for family members that she had not yet met.  She even prayed for family members that were not yet born.  She prayed for the family, generation after generation, into the future.

God has answered and continues to answer Auntie Bootie’s prayers! I can’t imagine what life for my family would be like without her prayers.  God is faithful!

My brother Bob with his wife, Lorraine.

My brother Bobby with his wife, Lorraine.


Bobby has been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1974.

My husband, Gary, and I have been involved in Deaf ministry since 1981.

Our son, Rex, is in full-time ministry.

Our son, Luke, is involved in a church plant.

My sister, Rosie, is a graduate of Teen Challenge Ministry Institute (TCMI) and is involved in women’s ministry.

Rosie’s son, Ed, also graduated from TCMI, and is involved in youth ministry and music ministry.

I read a book titled, “The Circle Maker” by Pastor Mark Batterson.  It is a book that challenged me in regards to my prayer life.  On page 18 it reads, “As I look over my shoulder (at the past), I’m grateful for the miracles God has done, and I’m keenly aware of the fact that every miracle has a genealogy (a beginning).  If you trace those miracles all the way back to their origin, you’ll find a prayer circle.  Miracles are the by-product of prayers that were prayed by you or for you.” My Auntie Bootie was a “Circle Maker” praying prayer circles around individuals in the family and God answered her prayers miraculously!

We read in James 5:16b, “The prayers of a righteous person (mom/dad) are powerful and effective.”

My Auntie Bootie’s prayers were powerful and effective and still are!  WOW!  And IF we pray, our prayers are powerful and effective, too. The story I shared about my Auntie Bootie encourages me to  be faithful to pray.  I’m sure you’re encouraged too.

FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THANK YOU FOR HEARING AND ANSWERING OUR PRAYERS!  YOU’RE AWESOME ABBA FATHER!  Our prayers DO make a difference in this generation and future generations—LET US PRAY MORE!


~Modified from “Precious in HIS Sight” September 2013


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  • Lucy Schmidt says:

    I enjoyed to read many pretty testimony. Gary and Rhonda are humble service to our exalt Father Heaven. You are encourage verses and lovely to making me feel warm and comfortable.Someday I will vp you, Rhonda. God is awesome in our life and always rejoice no matter up/down hill that still rejoice daily with HIM. Hugs tight, Lucy

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