DeafNation Expo – God PAH!

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DeafNation Expo – God PAH!

DeafNation Expo in Tampa, Florida––I have wonderful news! God blessed; God PAH! Everything worked out–from the funds that were needed, to the people needed to help at the DMW Booth.  March 2, was a very busy day for the DMW Team at the Tampa Convention Center.   We talked with hundreds of Deaf men, women, and children…and gave away over 425 Gospel Bags.  It was a great day!

Tampa Team: Jonathan and Cindy Hogland, Alan Beer, Eugene Gehm, Gary and Rhonda Barrett, and John Gehm (left to right).

We thank God for His faithfulness and for the faithfulness and generosity of many of the ministry partners who prayed and gave financially.  You are a blessing to this ministry!

John and Eugene Gehm flew into Tampa almost a week early to help us prepare for this evangelistic event.  It was great having them here.  Rhonda and I could not have gotten everything ready without them.

John has extensive experience with packing the various things we need to bring to the Deaf Expo and knows how to set up the Display Booth.  He has been helping set up the DMW Booth since the very first time, Deaf Way II in 2002.  Eugene, too, has worked with us at many of the Expos, so his experience was extremely helpful as well.

It’s hard work setting up and tearing down the DMW Booth, and it requires a lot of heavy lifting.  The Booth has to be set up the day before the Expo then promptly taken down as soon as the Expo ends.

Both John and Eugene are on the DMW Board and have served in various capacities in ministry over the years.

Eugene and his wife, Linda, have served as missionaries since 1989 and have established five Deaf churches throughout Mexico.

John recently returned from Africa where he and a group of Deaf people went and shared the Good News of Jesus with the Deaf there.  We are so blessed to have these two men as a part of DMW.  They both have hearts of a servant and have been invaluable assets to this ministry for nearly twenty years.

We were tremendously blessed by Jonathan and Cindy Hoglind and Alan Beer who volunteered to work with us passing out Gospel Bags.  In addition, Cindy who is a talented artist, face-painted dozens of children’s faces for free.  It was an exciting and fun day, too.

We met hundreds of people and passed out over 425 Gospel Bags filled with Bibles, tracts, and a Gospel DVD.  We were able to talk to numerous people about the Lord Jesus.

We have several prayer requests:


* Pray for the many Deaf people who attended the Tampa Expo that they will be drawn to Jesus as their Lord and Savior as they open their Gospel Bags and read God’s word and watch the DVD.

* Pray for follow-up.  Many people signed up to be on the DMW e-mail/mailing list and requested further contact from us.  Please pray as we follow-up on these individuals.

* Pray about DMW having a Booth at the Portland, Oregon DeafNation Expo on Saturday, October 19.  It will be a much bigger evangelistic outreach than the recent one in Tampa since many more thousands of Deaf people are expected to attend.  We need to bring at least 1,000 Gospel Bags.  It will cost thousands of dollars to be able to attend. Thank you for your prayers for this evangelistic outreach.

Your prayers are making a difference in the lives of Deaf people for eternity!

Together we can make a difference today and for eternity.  Please pray about joining with us in sending HIS Light and Truth to Deaf people everywhere.  Every prayer and every gift is important.  To make a secure online donation click “Donate Now” button below.

If you prefer to mail your donation send it to Deaf Ministries Worldwide

P.O. Box 10755, Tampa, FL 33679



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