That still, small voice!

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That still, small voice!

God has an amazing way of showing up in my “Quiet time” and then it’s not so quiet.  He speaks to my heart, my soul and I love it when that happens.  Today, God was “sitting” there with me over my cup of Joe and here is what happened,

ME:  I love You more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.  \o/

GOD:  I can’t say that, for I’ve loved you from everlasting to everlasting, more than you can ever know, realize, or fathom. AGAPE  😀

ME: You ARE so crazy in love with me.  Hee hee

GOD:  Yes, I am and always have been.  I ❤ you!

ME:  Thank You for Your AWEmazing love  \o/

GOD:  I can’t help Myself  😉

“GOD IS LOVE…”  1 John 4:8

Seriously, I am so blessed…and so are you!  

Love my Coffee Time, I mean “Quiet Time”.  LOL!



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