Jesus In – Clutter Out

Jesus In – Clutter Out

by Rhonda Barrett ~

 Happy New Year Moms and Dads!  2012 IS HERE!

Today is January 1.  The house looks cluttered; it’s bothering me.  All that Christmas stuff is everywhere.  So I began taking the Christmas decorations off the walls, the shelves, the little tables, and piling them up in the dining room.  At the same time I’m doing laundry, and well, that led to organizing a few closets.  Then for some reason I started singing a song I wrote February 14, some year…quite a while ago. I sing the song to the tune of “Annie’s Song” by John Denver.


Jesus, I love You
Cherish honor obey You
For better or worse
In sickness or health
For richer or for poorer
From this day and forward
You give me joy and contentment
Your face I long to see
Jesus You’re coming
on a white horse to get me
The day of our wedding
pure and holy I’ll be
In my white robe of righteousness
Bought by Your precious blood
You give me joy and contentment
Your face I’ll finally see

As I was singing “My Vows” I began to think about my life.  I don’t want my life to be cluttered in 2012.  I want my TO DO List to reflect His TO DO List for me.  I know that #1 at the top of His TO DO List for me is sitting at His feet.  Seriously, what could be better than that, and yet, why is it so difficult to do?  I renew my vows to my Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus to read His Love Letter, to talk to Him, to gather with the brothers and sisters and worship Him together, and to tell others about my Jesus.  Join me?  By God’s grace we can get rid of the unnecessary clutter in our lives and focus on what is really important this year.

Jesus In, Clutter Out—is a life changing way for us to live, and I believe as the people around us see Jesus in us it will influence them…especially it will influence our children.

Something else that we can do that has a powerful influence on our children is to PRAY for our sons and daughters, and I have found praying God’s Word over my family is a powerful way to pray.  To the left is the Precious in HIS Sight Parents Prayer Calendar.   Each day of the month is a scripture reference that you and I can turn into a prayer.  Click on the Calendar and it opens enlarged in a separate window.  May this Calendar be a blessing as you pray for your children.  I print mine out and keep it with my Bible.  I write on my Calendar any “stuff” going on in my family’s lives so I remember to pray specifically.

I am excited for 2012 and all that God has planned.  I do pray that as I share this Precious in HIS Sight blog month after month that you will be encouraged as a Believer and as a parent.  James 5:16b reads, “The prayer of a righteous person (Mom and Dad) is powerful and effective.”  WOW!

The first scripture reference on the Calendar, January 1, is 2 Peter 3:18.  Ready to join me in praying for our GIFTS from God?  Let’s do it!

Dear Father God, I lift up Rex, Lanie, Luke, and Angela to you. In 2012 may they grow in the grace and knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ giving Him glory both now and forever! Thank You! Amen.

2012—Jesus in, Clutter out!





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