Urgent-Pray for Jimmy Schwyhart! UPDATES!

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Urgent-Pray for Jimmy Schwyhart! UPDATES!

UPDATE: 9/1/11

 “Pastor Jimmy is home and doing quite well! He’s even attended church services his first Sunday out of the hospital.  Continue praying for his complete healing. 

 UPDATE: 8/12/11 at 9:00 AM per Praise Assembly Deaf Church Facebook Wall

“Looks like we are slated to go HOME today. No rehab for us! Jimmy is going home with some new toys…a wheelchair, a walker, and a shower bench…he would prefer a motorcycle, new converse tennis shoes and a completely remodeled shower…ah well, take what you can get.” =)

UPDATE: 8/11/11 at 3:15 PM per Praise Assembly Deaf Church Facebook Wall

“Pastor Jimmy is in a regular room and going home tomorrow! Keep praying. He has a long road ahead, but remember God is Faithful!”

UPDATE: 8/10/11 at 11:00 AM per Praise Assembly Deaf Church Facebook Wall

“Pastor Jimmy is alert today and very busy. Now that he is communicating well there is a constant stream of doctors and therapists in and out. On a side note: this is the first time since the surgery that Janie has been able to talk to him and is trying to cherish the moments she is getting. So if you planned to visit today, let’s give them some time alone. Thanks!” We thank and praise Our Father for His miracles!”

UPDATE: 8/9/11 at 3:40 PM per Praise Assembly Deaf Church Facebook Wall

“Pastor Jimmy is sitting in a chair! Walked a few steps with help, wants to go home, and able to answer yes and no questions. All good signs!!”

UPDATE: 8/9/11 at 10:00 AM per Praise Assembly Deaf Church Facebook Wall


“Pastor Jimmy had a good night of rest. He has started swelling and bruising, but that is expected from the surgery. His muscle strength is good – no weakness. He is responding to command, which is good. He needs a lot of rest and they will still be monitoring him in ICU for another day or so.”

God IS answering our prayers!

UPDATE, 8/8/11 at 9:45 PM

“Jimmy came out of surgery around 9:45pm (CST), he did well through out the surgery, the doctor removed as much mass as he could, and he will be recovering in ICU for at least 2 days. (only family may see him in ICU) The mass is being biopsied and results will come in a day or two. Continue to pray for Jimmy & Family.”

Any minute now, Jimmy Schwyhart, Deaf Pastor at Praise Assembly Deaf Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma will have surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his brain. The surgery is scheduled for 3:00 pm Central Standard Time today, August 8.

Let’s all join together in unity, praying in agreement that the Great Physician will reach down and touch Jimmy in a miraculous way. Pray for Jimmy and his family that they will experience God’s presence, peace and comfort at this time. Pray, too, that God will give the doctors wisdom to do this serious and delicate surgery, and that He will give the doctors supernatural skills and abilities as they do the surgery.

Thank you!



  • Judy D says:

    I thank God for His Love and Healing power…I know He is working on Jimmy…Praise the Lord! He is always so good.

  • Patricia Anderson-O'Neill says:

    Praise the Lord for the love of HIS and His Power to heal Jimmy Schwyhart. Thanks God for that. Will keep pray for him to get out of the hospital and be strong with HIM in his heart!!! Smile:)

  • Gary says:

    Judy and Patricia, thank you so very much for praying for Jimmy and his family. Jimmy’s wife, Janie, has expressed how much they appreciate your’s and everyone’s prayers. Continue to pray as we wait for the biopsy and that God give doctors wisdom about the best treatment plan for him. God is our Great Physician. Let’s pray He touch Jimmy’s body and bring total healing to him. Thank you both again for your concern, love and prayers.
    Gary and Rhonda

  • I am saddened to hear the news that Pastor Jimmy Schwyhart have passed away this morning and went to be with the Lord. He is now no longer in suffering and pain. Heaven have gained a man of God.

  • Johanna Reed says:

    I’m sorry for loss of Jimmy, He’s so wonderful pastor for Deaf retreat as he will never be forgotten, His family are in our thoughts and prayers. Bless his heart and family. _\m/

    Johanna Reed

  • Roy & Sandy Nieukirk says:

    We are sorry Jimmy was wonderful man and he was very good preach we never forget him we sure missed him we know he is with Lord, praise the Lord our prayer for his wife Janice & children for comfore. Love, Sandy & Roy from ILLINOIS

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