Deaf Children in Mexico Feel God’s Love!

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Deaf Children in Mexico Feel God’s Love!
The Rancho Sordo Mudo School for Deaf Children in Mexico was blessed when a ministry team from the Northwest arrived.  John Gehm was a part of this outreach and following is an update from John.

John Gehm is in the front on the right wearing a green shirt.

I am thankful to God that I was able to join the group from Washington that went to Baja California, Mexico.  It was a miracle I could join.  Weeks before we were to leave, I was admitted to the hospital with chest pain caused by blood clots.  I had treatments to thin my blood, and then surgery.  The doctor added filters in my arteries to prevent any life-threatening blood clots from going to my chest.  Thank you for your prayers for my health.  The doctor was hesitant, but he allowed me to go to Mexico.  I rejoiced greatly that day!

From April 2-9, we were at the Rancho Sordo Mudo school for Deaf children in Baja.  We were very busy doing everything from preparing meals, doing office work, helping with the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, to being involved in the worship services.  We ministered to the Deaf children, as well as, the teachers and the staff by encouraging, comforting, supporting, and showing God’s love to them.   We enjoyed playing with the children both outside and inside.  It was fun to see their happy faces.   Our communication in Mexican Sign Language went well.  What a blessing!

Students who attend the Deaf School.

Students, Staff, and Ministry Team

We thank the Lord for giving the ministry group strength and also for His protection both in traveling mercies and while there in Mexico.  I believe that the Deaf children and the staff felt God’s love that we shared with them.   Glory to God!”

For each person who made this ministry outreach possible–THANK YOU!

Please continue praying for the students and staff at the Rancho Sordo Mudo School for Deaf Children.  GOD BLESS YOU!


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