Doing something hard…might be what God uses to do something very good

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Doing something hard…might be what God uses to do something very good

This month, December, every Sunday at the church Gary and I attend, there has been time set aside in the beginning of the service…to focus on children––caring for children through Foster Care and Adoption.


Before the preaching…a couple…or family…joins the pastor on the stage for an informal conversation. And they share their story. Each story has been very touching. Last Sunday, it wasn’t a couple or a family that went up to the stage to share…it was a father and his teenage daughter.


The father began by sharing that his wife was sitting in the congregation; he wasn’t sure he could make it through their story without tears. The pastor said, “I have kleenex.” As they shared…I had tears in my eyes, too, as did others in the Family of God. This daddy and daughter opened up and shared their real lives.


The man said that 16 years ago his wife had confessed to him that she had had an affair. Long story made short, after their conversation finished…the man had a talk with the Lord. After his talk with the Lord…he decided to stay with his wife because, as he reasoned, He had committed idolatry “adultery” on God many times choosing other things instead of God. God forgave him…and so…he would forgive his wife.


Baby’s are precious. (This is not a baby picture of this teenage girl)

But he told God that IF his wife got pregnant that is where he would draw the line. The marriage would be over. Well, one month later they found out that his wife was, indeed, pregnant!


Yes! Pregnant!


It was hard…but he stayed with his wife…by God’s grace. He and his wife kept “it all” a secret (from their other two children, from everyone) until last year! The father and mother decided to tell the daughter, who is now 16 years old––the only father she has ever known all her life––is not her biological father…her mother had had an affair…and that he adopted her.


Can you imagine the shock?!


Next the daughter, this precious teenage girl sitting in front of hundreds of people (right there before their church family) began to share. When she started talking, I wasn’t the only one wiping tears from my eyes.  She shared how she felt when she was told…the truth about what had happened…and that her daddy was not her biological father. She shared that her daddy is an amazing, godly man…and after finding out that he adopted her and raised her as his own…she had even more love and respect for him. And even more…it helped her understand Father God’s love for her, for us, in a deeper way!


Father God’s love––I want to share with you something that happened to me the beginning of December. It’s about Father God’s love. I was putting my tabletop Nativities out around the house and my ornament Nativities on the Christmas tree. Through the years I have accumulated a collection of Nativities. I pack them away each year…except one that I keep on display all year long. It’s the Nativity that survived the house fire, we survived, in 1996.


Anyway, as I was looking at the “Holy Family” in the Nativities––I had an idea,


“I’m going to read…

ALL the scriptures about Jesus’ birth…

ALL the scriptures related to Mary…

and ALL the scriptures related to Joseph…”


The strangest thing happened…or maybe it’s not so strange after reading all those stories and all those verses…all the sudden many scriptures throughout the Bible poured into my heart and mind…verses about the fatherless, orphans and widows…and how much God cares about them…and finally as my thoughts calmed…my focus narrowed in on one verse––James 1:27, “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”


I got really emotional as the God-Words about Mary, Joseph, and Jesus’ birth continued to flood my soul.  Tears streamed down my face. I had to tell Gary…I began signing to him, “It’s no wonder that Father God has a special place in His heart for orphans and widows. We read about it throughout the Bible. Maybe, just maybe, His own Son “rejected and despised” (Isaiah 53:3) was, in a way, an orphan (adopted and cared for by a step-father) and Mary, the blessed woman chosen by God to conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit and give birth to His one and only Son, most likely she became a widow.” (From all the verses I read, I have a picture of the kind of man I believe Joseph was…one day I plan to write a Blog about him.)


God’s heart for orphans and widows––Precious!

Perhaps God is speaking to your heart about someone

you need to reach out to with His love this Christmas.

That person will be glad you did…

you will be even more glad you did!

We are blessed to be a blessing––Christmas and EVERYDAY.



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