Director of the dance of life

Director of the dance of life

by Rhonda Barrett ~


It was a glorious Sunday, September 17. All day I continued the DARE of listing ONE THOUSAND GIFTS that I am thankful for; GIFTS–love gifts–from Abba Father. I wrote them in my Joy Journal. One word (I realized) I kept using again and again––dance. I have chosen a few of the many GIFTS I wrote that day to share with you. Also I share pictures in my Photo Blog below.


#195. Men/women paragliding down, down, spinning, round and round a dance in the sky.

#196. Sign language…hands…forming the dance of words…sharing His Love Letter.

#198. Small black birds ballet the dance and fly in unity…the birds quickly dart back and forth as if they are in a picture frame…they zig and zag in the sky…not bumping into each other…amazing! A beautiful sight. Hard to explain.

#199. Wind blows through the trees, through the bushes and shrubs and join in the dance.

#200. Geese flying close to the ground in V formation and I watch them dance the V.

#206. Rain drops dance as they bounce on the patio cement.

#209. Rose petals on the patio…have danced their last dance.

#210. Fern hanging from the patio beam, each stalk dancing in the wind.

#211. The Orchestra Director (that’s not the word, I can’t think of what they are called) orchestrated the dance in our yard and the dance of this day.


That night as I laid in bed I thought about #211. My God is the Orchestra Director (or whatever that word is). He directs the dance of life. The One who directs the dance of my life. Joy–His joy–filled my heart…and I fell a sleep.


The next morning when I woke, I got out of bed, walked from the bedroom to my prayer chair to meet with the Lord. I sat there surrounded by my prayer-chair-stuff (Bible, journals, books, Precious Calendar) thinking, “where do I start?”…I picked up my devotional “Our Daily Bread” and opened to Monday, September 18.


I was surprised as I read the title “Watch the Conductor”. Conductor! That is the word I was trying to think of Sunday. Conductor! 


Yes, You are the Conductor! My Conductor! You planned, You orchestrated the “dance” I saw all day Sunday…even though I didn’t even realize it…and then Monday…SURPRISE!


Friends, think about this––the “Our Daily Bread” devotional was written months before Sunday, September 17. And God knew exactly what He was going to do in my life months later–impressing upon my heart, that HE IS THE CONDUCTOR.





















Gary and I were recently in a quaint coffee cafe in Lake Hauser, Idaho (We were in Idaho to attend my favorite uncle’s wedding.) There was a framed drawing in the cafe with the scripture Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Beautiful words of hope.


It’s wonderful that we can trust in the Lord with all our heart…as we share our heart…share our hopes…share our dreams…pray our prayers.


Each month I share with you the Precious in HIS Sight Scripture Prayer Calendar. Praying God’s Word is a powerful way to pray! The Calendar has helped me, and many others, faithfully pray for our loved ones day-after-day, month-after-month, year-after-year. My dear friend Marva Gehm creates the Calendar each month…she does a beautiful job…thank you, Marva, for using your gifts and talents in preparing the Calendar…you are a blessing. I print my Calendar and keep it with my Bible. Feel free to print the Calendar, too.  


To the left is this month’s Scripture Prayer Calendar. When you click on the Calendar it enlarges in a separate window so that you can read the scripture references easily. Look up the verse-for-the-day and then turn it into a prayer for your loved ones. 


We may not always understand what the Conductor is up to. He asks us to trust Him. I can say for myself, He has proven Himself to be a faithful Conductor.


He is in control…of everything…everywhere…always. Let’s just pause and think about that truth. WOW–TRUTH! WOW-GOD!


James 5:16b reads, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective!





For thy Kingdom…In Jesus Name, Amen!




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