I accepted the “One Thousand Gifts” DARE

I accepted the “One Thousand Gifts” DARE

by Rhonda Barrett ~


In one month so much has changed. No, the circumstances have not changed (Rex, Luke, their wives and our six grandchildren still live thousands of miles away) but God is changing me! I’m so thankful!


In a way it surprises me –– what God is using to change me.


A woman I heard about, Ann Voskamp, was given a DARE (a challenge) by a friend to write a list of ONE THOUSAND GIFTS that she was thankful for. She accepted her friend’s dare and began the list. Ann explained that she realized these gifts she was writing were actually the ways that God shows His love. As a result of writing ONE THOUSAND GIFTS…God changed Ann’s life. Ann continues her list today…and has written a book titled “One Thousand Gifts”. She also writes a blog that I enjoy reading. She includes many pictures. Lord willing, I will continue adding more pictures in my blogs…same as I did last month.


On July 4, 2017…I decided to accept the same DARE as Ann Voskamp. I went to Fred Meyers and purchased a small journal (so it would fit in my purse). I thought to myself, “This journal is perfect”:



And I started my list of ONE THOUSAND GIFTS (I wrote these on the 4th of July):


1) Mt. Rainier in all of His Glory.

2) 44th 4th of July with Gary.

3) Red, white, & blue – the USA story.

4) Sun rising over snowy Mt. Baker – majestic colors of gold & rose–the sky aglow.

5) Sunset’s brilliant at ocean’s edge fading.

6) Juicy strawberries red, ripe, delicious.

7) Peaceful patio with ferns & daisies – especially daisies galore.

8) Fireworks booming and light up the sky – celebrating Independence Day.

9) Prayers & Thanksgiving knowing Almighty is listening. Good Night. And in the morning You are still with me!

10) O Glory! Realizing all these gifts are NOT ordinary –– they are EXTRAORDINARY! GOD! THANK YOU!


Did you notice the words on the front of my journal? “find JOY IN THE ordinary”. I realize that the list I am writing – of God’s gifts – are not ordinary at all! God’s gifts are amazing…even…miraculous! Truly they are gifts that reflect His love…to…me! My heart continues to fill with the Lord’s JOY and I praise Him.  \|m/


God is using this simple DARE of writing ONE THOUSAND GIFTS to touch my heart and fill me with JOY. 


As I think about what I’m thankful to God for…it causes me to slow down…look around…pay attention…and think some more. WOW! I have so much to be thankful for! And as I talk with Abba Father & thank Him & write in my journal –– His Love-Gifts…He fills me with His JOY! What a surprise!!!


Before I close with the Precious in HIS Sight Prayer Calendar and a my comments at the end…following are a few pictures I took to share with you.



















I have surely been surprised by JOY! I am excited as I continue my list of ONE THOUSAND GIFTS…and beyond. (I’m on #79)


I did not realize when I started my journal journey –– what God was going to be doing IN me. He is giving me JOY in the moment…to live one-day-at-a-time…and Gary and I have been having so much fun. The Lord has turned (and continues to turn) my sorrow into JOY! WHAT A LOVING, ALMIGHTY GOD WE SERVE. I encourage you – even DARE you – to start your own list of ONE THOUSAND GIFTS. Who knows how God will use this simple activity to touch you and minister to you!


I pray this renewed JOY the Lord is giving me will impact the people around me…Gary, friends, people I work with, people God brings into my life & onto my path, my family –– YES, ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY. And I know that our PRAYERS have an impact on our loved ones!  It says so in God’s Word. James 5:16b, “The prayer of a righteous person (mom & dad) is powerful and effective.”


THAT’S A WOW–GOD–VERSE! Let us pause and think about that verse…and think about God for a few minutes!


To the left is this month’s Precious In HIS Sight Prayer Calendar to help us daily pray God’s Word over our loved ones. When you click on the Calendar it enlarges in a separate window so that you can read the scripture references easily. Look up the verse-for-the-day and then turn it into a prayer for your loved ones. I print my Calendar and keep it with my Bible. Feel free to print the Calendar, too. Praying God’s Word is a powerful way to pray. (My dear friend Marva Gehm creates the Calendar each month…she does a great job…thank you, Marva, for using your gifts and talents in preparing the Calendar…you are a blessing to each of us who use the Calendar!)


Join me in praying God’s Word over those we love. Almighty God is listening! THANK YOU, ABBA FATHER, AMEN.



For thy Kingdom…In Jesus Name, Amen!




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