Sometimes I miss my family so much it hurts so much

Sometimes I miss my family so much it hurts so much

by Rhonda Barrett ~


I am missing my family more than words can express, and I know that there is so much that I am missing in their lives.


Through the years our little family has grown from FOUR to TWELVE! I love my family!


Rex and his family live in Oklahoma; Luke and his family live in Florida. When we all lived together in the same state we saw each other weekly (or more often than that). However, since Gary and I moved…all…the…way…to…Washington State…we see them once or maybe twice a year.


My momma…grandma heart aches for my family and tears flow. He collects my tears in His bottle (see Psalm 56:8) and comforts me as I experience the…empty…nest…in…my…life…time.


Although I don’t see them often like I used to, there is still something I can do everyday that I used to do when we lived in the same town. I get my Bible, open it up, and take out the Precious In HIS Sight Prayer Calendar. Then I pray –– for each of my loved ones.


I lift my sons, their precious wives, and my SIX grandchildren to Almighty God’s throne of His Grace – guess what happens? Abba Father ministers to me. His still small voice, whispers beautiful words…that even though I am not with my family––HE IS! He always has been and He always will be. He is taking care of each one! Oh, the depths of His love and grace!


And I realize how blessed I am to be a part of my family…who is a part of the Family of God…FOREVER FAMILY! THANK YOU, JESUS! He turns my sadness into gladness…THANKSGIVING!


This month, as I share Precious in HIS Sight,  I do two things that I’ve not done before:


1) I have scanned and posted a copy of MY own personal Calendar for July…the REAL one I keep in my Bible. I hope and pray my sample helps you as you fill out your Calendar and pray for your loved ones.


2) I have added pictures below that are especially meaningful to me and meaningful to what I share with you in my blog this month. After the pictures I share a few thoughts.


But, first, this month’s Precious In HIS Sight Scripture Prayer Calendar for you.


Click on the Calendar and it enlarges in a separate window. Feel free to print the Calendar; add the names of your loved ones and also any important happenings on the Calendar boxes.

The July Calendar is to the left. When you click on the Calendar it enlarges in a separate window so that you can read the scripture references easily. Look up the verse-for-the-day and then turn it into a prayer for your loved ones. I print my Calendar and keep it with my Bible. Feel free to print the Calendar, too.


About my personal Calendar:


I have written the names of loved ones across the top & I’ve written notes in some of the Calendar boxes with happenings: birthdays, appointments & also (as I usually do) I write a scripture somewhere on my Calendar. You’ll notice I wrote Matthew 6:26 along the side.


When you click on my personal Calendar it opens in a new window enlarged. Hopefully, you can read my writing. : )



Now for those pictures that I wanted to share with you.













“Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for Your Heavenly Father feeds them. Aren’t you far more valuable to Him than they are?” Matthew 6:26.


That’s a WOW–GOD–VERSE! Let’s just pause for a few minutes and think about God…


God cares for the birds & you & me & our families. And He is taking care of every thing. Whatever you and I are going through RIGHT NOW God is with us. He is with us during the ups and downs. He is with us during the good and bad. He is with us during the happy and sad. He is with us always (see Matthew 28:20). It is His promise…and God keeps His promises!


One of THE greatest gifts we can give our loved ones is our prayers. We may not always see the answers to our prayers this side of Heaven…but the God who is beside us as we journey to our REAL Home…sees us praying…and He does answer.


In James 5:16b we read, “The prayer of a righteous person (mom & dad) is powerful and effective.”





For thy Kingdom…In Jesus Name, Amen!




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